The conference will take place in Kloster Banz, a former monastery north of Bamberg, Germany.

Travelling by Train

The closest train stations are:

  • Lichtenfels, which is located at the ICE-track Munich-Berlin-Hamburg;
  • Bad Staffelstein, located at the train track Bamberg-Leipzig.

From both stations, it’s best to continue by taxi. Taxi prices are approx. 20 EUR in both cases.

Travelling by Plane

Due to the good train connection, there are many suitable possibilities for the airport. The closest one is Nuremberg. Other good choices include Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

An option might be to consider also Zürich, because there is a good connection between Zürich and Nürnberg by Swiss Air. If you go via Frankfurt, it is probably equally fast to go by train from Frankfurt to Banz as to fly to Nürnberg and then go by train.

Banz (with the train stations in Lichtenfels or Bad Staffelstein) belongs to VGN (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg). That means if you buy a train ticket at Nürnberg Airport it will cover also subway to the train station.

Travelling by Car

  • Kloster Banz is close to the Autobahn A73. Take the exit “AS 12 Lichtenfels-Nord” (coming from the north) or “AS 14 Bad Staffelstein-Kurzentrum” (from the south) and then follow the signage.
  • For navigation systems:
    • address: Kloster-Banz-Straße, 96231 Bad Staffelstein
    • GPS-coordinates: 50°08'02" N / 11°00'02" O

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask the organizers.